Car Girls at the M.I.V.W. Event in the Netherlands

Car Girls at the M.I.V.W. Event in the Netherlands

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Travelling from Southwest Germany to the M.I.V.W.Event in the Netherlands

My boyfriend and I were lucky to be on our annual holidays already, so we were able to travel to the M.I.V.W. Hotel Event on Thursday. It was a very hot day and we also had a lot of traffic, but we still reached Düsseldorf, Germany for our first stop in the early afternoon. We were also lucky to be welcomed so warmly by our friends from Kultgarage. Some people from our travel group also joined us later that day in Düsseldorf, Germany. In the evening, the Kultgarage guys took us for a walk in the old city of Kaiserswerth and we also had a very nice meal there. We had a great look at the river „Rhein“. After a great night at their house and a fantastic breakfast there, we all left for the M.I.V.W. Event. It was so hot for us in the old cars without air condition and also the cars suffered from the heat, so we had to stop several times, but it all went well and we also had some help from nice people on our way. Our travel buddies from NVAG were really prepared and everyone carried almost every tool one could need in their cars, so we were prepared for anything that could have happened. Fortunately we had not any severe damage to any of the cars.

A few stops later we finally reached the NH Hotel Leeuwenhorst. There was already party time with a DJ in front of the hotel and a bar and food trucks. We then drove the cars in the „Atrium“ and in the „Foyer“ of the hotel, had a shower and a nice meal in Noordwijk. We then had a nice evening in front of the hotel with some drinks. As it was our first time at the M.I.V.W. event, we did not know what to expect. It was really crazy, the complete hotel was fully booked by car enthusiasts from all over the world. That was really crazy, even for us.


M.I.V.W Hotel Event NH Hotel Leeuwenhorst

I made not many pictures at the event because I really had so much fun and I left my camera at home. Two cars of our travel buddies were allowed to stay in the hotel at the reception area, that was a real honour. It was not easy to get them inside that small entrance door, but they made it though. The other cars were allowed to park in the „Atrium“ of the hotel which you can also see on the GTI Freundeskreis video for the M.I.V.W. people. I just linked it for you, please have a look at it: Video about M.I.V.W. There was also the complete hotel parking space full of beautiful cars and nice people. Here´s a link for the Album of the Kultgarage Crew they made very nice pictures at the event. You can have a look at the Crew Videos from the Wörthersee Event to see what crews took part at the Hotel Event in the „Atrium“ which was reserved for the „GTI Freundeskreis“ members this year.

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Sunset at the beach in Noordwijk

The beach can be reached with bikes from the hotel or with your own car. We were lucky to see such an amazing sunset in the evening at this beautiful beach.

Short trip to Amsterdam with the „GTI Freundeskreis“ members

One day before our departure, we made a trip to Amsterdam, which is just about half an hour drive from the hotel. We got to know some of the GTI Freundeskreis members at the Wörthersee GTI Treffen in Reifnitz this year. It was so funny in Amsterdam because there was „Christopher Street Day“ and there were so many crazy people in the town, everywhere. We had so much fun there. We went for a nice restaurant in the city and had a walk through the city and some nice places to visit.

On sunday we went home after the real good breakfast at the hotel. It was so good to be able to have breakfast until noon and also checkout was possible until noon, what was really good after the party the day before. Next year it would be a good idea to stay longer because the beach and everything around is really beautiful and a nice spot for some more days to relax and have fun with friends.

It was such an unforgettable trip and we would like to thank all of the nice people that made that trip so special. Thanks to our friends and the new friends we made there, I hope you all had a safe trip home.

Did you also join the M.I.V.W. Event or have you ever travelled to the Netherlands?

Tell us about it on our comments space below.

XOXO, Julia

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